60 in 60 Challenge: April - Month 4 (Jamaica was the highlight!)

60 in 60 april Apr 29, 2019

April was a great month.  Ok - maybe it's because I got to spend a week in Jamaica! 

Here's what I did in April:

28. Visited the Royal Botanical Garden in Burlington

I finally met up with my long-time teacher friend Judy Smith. The aroma and colours of the spring flowers were mind-blowing.  A great trip at the end of the winter.  

29. Presented at the first Caribbean TESOL Expo in Jamaica

I was thrilled to speak at this inaugural event.  The conference was fantastic and I met the most interesting and friendly people.  A professional highlight! (but I actually had to buy a suit which was a challenge.  Very few stores have suits these days.)

30. Interviewed on TV - CVM At Sunrise - Jamaica

The conference organizer Venice and I were interviewed at 6:30 a.m. the day of the Caribbean TESOL Expo.  It was a lot of fun and I got to have my make-up professionally done before we went on tv.  

31. Ate at Gloria’s by the Sea


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