12 Reasons Why Teachers Should Use Warm-up Activities (they are more than just fun & games!)

Do you use warm-up activities before you start teaching?  Warm-up activities are more than just “fun and games”!  My most popular download is my free Top 20 Warm-up Activities so many teachers are interested in using warmers as part of their lesson.

https://patrice-palmer.mykajabi.com/products/top-20-warm-up-activities-for-esl-efl-teachers (Vol 1). 

 Here are some comments from teachers who have downloaded this FREE resource:

"Thank you so much !! They are great to use in my class and very creative! :)" Gabriela

"Thank you for sharing. It means a lot when an ESL/EFL teacher is willing to share ideas. These especially help new teachers and those who have exhausted ideas or keep repeating the same activities over and over again." Rashida

"Thank you for sharing this material. Amazing. I really appreciate it." Andriati

"This is EXACTLY what I need! Thank you so much Patrice! I am so impressed with this resource!!!" Adrienne


What is a...

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Six Ways to use Rubrics as Teaching Tools

I just completed teaching an online university course offered in the Spring semester.  One of the assessments included grading student participation in terms of their online postings each week.  A rubric was provided for this assessment so instead of just using it myself, I thought it would be useful for students to use this rubric as a self-assessment tool. For the most part, students graded themselves lower than I did.  Just a few students had what I thought were unrealistic and over-exaggerated beliefs of their participation (the online platform logs the number of visits by each student) so it is hard to argue with those numbers!  Many students actually thanked me for the opportunity to self-assess!

Getting back to rubrics…Rubrics may not be the most exciting topic in English teaching but I suspect that most teachers use them.  In Canada, rubrics are used as early as primary school.  Did you know that the word rubric comes from the...

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