Why our Students Could Benefit from Checklists

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Why our Students Could Benefit from Checklists

A recent book review of The Checklist Manifesto - How to Get Things Right  http://amzn.to/2jAfcC3 by Dr. Atul Gawande caused me to think about the use of checklists in teaching and learning and how they can benefit our students.

Most likely you have never given much thought to checklists however author and medical doctor Atul Gawande has.  In his book Gawande discusses a simple but powerful tool used to reduce medical errors – the checklist.

Maybe you are wondering what medical errors have to do with teaching or learning English.  There isn't a connection however I think that checklists can be useful for our students.

Let’s look at what Gawande has to say about checklists. He...

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