Ways to Form Student Groups

I will be heading back to the classroom in May to teach an intensive EAP writing course. I'm looking forward to helping international students improve their writing and communication skills after a long break. There is always one group project in this particular COMM course that I will be teaching so I started to think about the students working in groups.  

Do you have students work in groups?  If so, how do you get your students into groups? Are the groups student-assigned, teacher-assigned or randomly chosen?  

Student-Assigned Groups

Based on my experience from 20 years of teaching, I have found that students prefer to form their own groups.  This works well when students know each other but I have discovered that in many post-secondary classes, students come from a variety of programs and therefore may not know anyone in the class.

Make sure you have students form groups in class and then have them submit a list of names to you. Also, ensure that...

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