60 in 60 Challenge: January - Month 1


60 in 60:   My 2019 Well-being Challenge

January - Month 1 

Last month I blogged about my 2019 challenge which is to try 60 new things in my 60th year (http://bit.ly/2Pen3ow). I’m still not thrilled about turning 60 in a few months but because of my 60 in 60 Challenge, I have been focused on planning new things to try instead of negatively fixated on the inevitable. 

Background Information

If you didn’t read my first blog, here is a synopsis:

  • I’m putting everything I’ve learned about positive psychology* or the science of flourishing and well-being into practice to be happier (happiness is a choice)
  • Happiness is contagious so why not spread it around?
  • Being active and learning new things is good for us especially as we age
  • I recently moved to Burlington, Ontario, Canada and want to explore my new city
  • Taking part in 60 new activities will be a way for me to use my character strengths** which is a sure way to increase happiness


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60 in 60: My 2019 Well-being Challenge

60 in 60:   My 2019 Well-being Challenge

In 2019, I turn 60 years old.  I’m not really sure how it snuck up on me but for most of this year, I fretted about it.  In fact, I was really quite unhappy until I decided that I needed to put everything I have learned about positive psychology, or the science of happiness, flourishing and well-being into practice.*  Thus the idea of completing 60 activities in my 60th year was born.**

Happiness is a Choice

The way I saw it was that I had two choices.  I can choose to be bummed out and miserable about turning 60 or I could choose happiness.  Being happy doesn’t just happen and it can be hard work but the good news is that there are many simple things that we can do to be happier (like practicing gratitude daily).  It’s also contagious so why not spread it around? Don’t get me wrong – it’s completely unrealistic to be happy all the time. It’s normal to...

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