The Joys of Being Part of a Teacher Tribe: TESOL Conference Updates

teacher tribe Mar 28, 2017


I have just returned from 5 days in Seattle, USA where I had the opportunity to attend TESOL's annual conference. Can you imagine 6,000 teachers in one place? The highlight for me was connecting with many teachers from around the world but I'm always excited to attend presentations and learn more about our field (e.g. setting up English Clubs in Africa, teaching issues in Cuba and an upcoming conference there, and the latest on materials writing/publishing).

TESOL's President Dudley Reynolds opened the conference by reminding us of the role we play as teaching professions and questioned how we can elevate our profession: "We contribute to multilinguals. How do we make our profession a force in the world? How do we create a presence globally?"

What do you think? Do you feel that English language teachers need to create a global presence?


Conference Connections



 Cathy Raymond, Executive Director AIWR, TESOL Conference, March 2017

I had the pleasure of...

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Are you part of a "Teacher Tribe"?

teacher tribe May 05, 2016

The idea for this week's post was inspired by the new teachers who attended my workshop last Saturday (TESL Peel in Ontario, Canada) and by Sylvia Duckworth - a very creative educator.  The Teacher Tribe graphic is one of many examples of Sylvia's brilliance (see more of her talents at https:[email protected]


According to my Gage Canadian dictionary, tribe has several meanings but the meaning that I want to use in this post is as follows:

 tribe (n): a group of people having a common interest, profession, etc. 

Maybe you haven't thought about being part of a "teacher tribe".  I never did until last weekend.  This is how it happened.

Last Saturday, I presented at a TESL Conference.  My workshop was entitled "How to Survive and Thrive as a New ESL Teacher".  In the first activity, I asked teachers to complete the following sentence "Being a New Teacher is"...

Before you read their answers, what do you think they...

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