Six Reasons Why I Left the Best Job in the World

teacherpreneurs Dec 15, 2015

Last August, I wrote about “The Best Job in the World” – being an ESL (English as a Second Language) Teacher. I still believe that it is the best job however after 20 years of ESL classroom teaching, I have decided to end my career. You may be wondering why I would leave a career that I suggest is the best job so here are my six reasons:

1. Curiosity
Although I have developed as a teaching professional during the past two decades, there are so many other things that I would like to learn (including Spanish – see Costa Rica), and books that I would like to read (and not about language teaching, or course textbooks).

2. Contracts
My last full time teaching position was in Hong Kong which ended in 2007. This has meant the need to juggle many different positions, and contracts in order to earn a decent income. The plight of precarious employment is a serious issue in higher education. I believe that this creates stress which I would like to eliminate by being my...

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