How Teachers Monetize their Professional Skills

This is the first Fall in 20 years that I won’t be teaching English in a classroom setting.  When I told a friend that it seemed strange, she asked “strange in a good way, or bad way?”  My answer is most definitely strange in a good way because I have successfully made the transition from teacher to teacherpreneur in the past year. 

In case you are wondering what a teacherpreneur is, the definition that I like to use is from Kiana Porter-Isom (2015):

“A classroom teacher or school based leader who is both educator and entrepreneur; an educator who works a flexible and/or freelance schedule; and/or an educator with a “side hustle” that supplements their income”.

In the past year, I began experimenting with different ways to monetize my transferrable/professional skills as a teacher.   Besides teaching online courses for a local university and college, I have also

  • designed and developed a 10 module online course for...
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