Teacher to Teacherpreneur: An Interview with Jose Torres

In this week's blog posting, I took a different approach by interviewing a teacher. I have been interested in "teacherpreneurship" for the last year, and I am currently developing an online course called - Teacher to Teacherpreneur: How to Monetize your Professional Skills which should be ready in the next month.  

As language teachers, I am sure you share my delight when new words are developed and become part of the English language.  Words such as “edupreneur” and “teacherpreneur” are two great examples.


There are several definitions for edupreneur/teacherpreneur:

“A classroom teacher or school based leader who is both educator and entrepreneur; an educator who works a flexible and/or freelance schedule; and/or an educator with a “side hustle” that supplements their income” (Porter-Isom, 2015).

“They manage their own incomes, colonize and create new learning environments, create their own content and taste...

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