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Personalised One-to-One Instructional Coaching

I have often referred to ESL teaching as the “best job in the world”. My goal after 20 years of ESL/EFL teaching is to assist new teachers to continue to develop their skills. Based on my own personal experience as a new teacher in 1995, my role as a TESL/TEFL trainer, and the experience of other new ESL/EFL teachers, completing a TESL/TESOL program does not necessarily mean that we are all ready for the classroom.

Instructional Coaching is a relatively new area for ESL/EFL teachers, and has been growing over the past few years. Teaching is complex and complicated. It is important to remember that good teachers develop over time. Sometimes a few changes or new techniques can make all the difference to develop a teacher’s skills and confidence. My role as an Instructional Coach is to work with new teachers to share research-based methods to help them become more effective ESL/EFL teachers. I can also help with lesson planning, and writing course materials.

The Benefits of Coaching

Instructional Coaching sessions are geared specifically to the needs and goals of each individual teacher so there is no “one-size fits all approach”. ESL/EFL teachers who are coached often report that they enjoyed the fact that they felt free to try new things and make mistakes in the classroom without fear of judgment. Individual coaching sessions available via email and SKYPE.