Well-being @ Work

Did you know that more than 80% of workers report that they feel disengaged at work?  Research suggests that people who look forward to Mondays are more productive and creative, take fewer sick days and experience less burn-out.  They are happy because they have found a way to have meaning and purpose in their work, are engaged and have good relationships with co-workers.

The science of positive psychology or human flourishing provides many simple (and free!) evidence-based interventions that can be used to help people feel more engaged, discover their meaning and purpose, and increase their well-being.

I am excited to combine my 20 years' of experience as an adult educator, trainer and coach, graduate level education and positive psychology studies to help employees and companies  learn and apply interventions to increase workplace well-being. 



Happiness Audit

I use positive psychology (evidence-based) tools to assess well-being for individuals or companies.

Find out what you are already doing well and learn more ways to increase well-being.

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Character Strengths @ Work

Our character strengths are unique like finger prints.  We embody 24 character strengths but it is our top five character strengths (called signature strengths) that more closely align with our values and interest.

When character strengths are applied at work, workers experience an increase in job satisfaction, engagement, productivity, better relationships with co-workers and reduced work-related stress.

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I provide individualized coaching sessions based on my training at the Coaching and Positive Psychology Institute, USA.  I use a strengths-based approach to help you with well-being goals.

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"Patrice is flexible and a pleasure to work with. She has a good working knowledge of Growth Mindset and knows how to get people thinking about it and applying it in their work."

Anne Marie Madziak
Coordinator and Library Consultant, Southern Ontario Library Service, Canada

"Before I embarked on my journey to China, I arranged to have coaching sessions with Patrice. The knowledge and guidance that she provided to me in such a short time had an immeasurable impact on my success here. I am so thankful for her help. I cannot recommend Patrice enough!"

Christopher Kelly
University Lecturer, China